Scouting with SWAMP

Scouting Without Any Meaningless Paper

Join the paperless movement with the new SWAMP scouting app! Coming Bag Day 2019, SWAMP is a browser-based application for team scouting during FRC competitions. Because it runs in a browser, SWAMP will run on IOS, Android or Windows devices - without an internet connection! Step up from your paper-based system to a modern electronic system. Join the movement!

Available for: iOS Android Windows


Save the SWAMP!

FRC scouting is one of the hardest parts of an FRC competition. Traditionally, it involves lots of paper and plenty of opportunity for errors. SWAMP solves these scouting challenges by replacing the paper with devices scouters like to use - a mobile phone or tablet. The observation data is transfered to a central analysis phone, tablet, or PC using a bar code. Then, we provide tools to help the lead scouter analyze the observations, create a pick list, and ultimately get the best alliance partners.

Join the movement, get rid of the paper and switch to SWAMP!

Use the mobile devices you already have

Browser-based application runs locally on your mobile device. Eliminate paper-save the SWAMP!


Scouting Strategy

Good scouting can make all the difference in alliance selection.

Create Pick List

Identify possible partners for Alliance Selection.

Tool Optimization

Observation data is easily downloaded into existing tools in Excel or CSV file formats.

Team Involvement

Scouters like using mobile devices rather than paper to record match observations.

Team Analysis

Good tools allow you to make decisions quicky. Analyze each team individually to determine how they performed during the event, or rank who had the best performance overall. Or identify which team had the best autonomous period, best teleop period, or best end-game? SWAMP provides the graphical tools for you to do your own analysis. Great tools allow your team to make great decisions!


If you are interested in using SWAMP for scouting during the 2018-2019 season, please join our mailing list. By joining the movement you will receive periodic updates on how development is progressing and how you can get your copy of SWAMP!


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Save the SWAMP! Join the movement today!