FTC Resource Library

In 2015, Frog Force mastered the new FTC Android Control system, becoming the FIRST in Michigan help desk for teams across the state. Throughout the season, we assisted over 30 FTC teams with control system troubleshooting, and 196 through our CSAs and FTAs providing individualized support at competitions. Each year we create FTC Kickoff resources to assist middle school FTC teams across the country master the FTC programming and control platforms. This season we explored using the *new* Google Blocks platform along with the *new* REV hub on the FIRST PushBot. We found this to be a great option for rookie teams.

We hope these resources give your FTC team a “hop” on the season!

2017 Programming Resources

Java using Android Studio

  1. Build Developer Workstation
  2. Configure Android ZTE Phones
  3. Configure Moto G Phones
  4. Bringing it all together (Modern Robotics)
  5. Bringing it all together (REV Robotics) Coming Soon
  6. FTC Programming Fundamentals

Google Blocks

(Resources Available from the FIRST Website)
  1. Blocks Programming One Page Description
  2. Blocks Programming Training Manual (REV Robotics Expansion Hub)
  3. Blocks Programming Training Manual (Modern Robotics Hardware)
  4. Blocks Programming Tutorials