LEAR Engineering Assistance Program

In celebrating gracious professionalism, Frog Force and Lear Corporation have joined forces to create LEAP, LEAR Engineering Assistance Program!

After experiencing an FRC competition, the Lear Corporation VP of Global Operations was so inspired by our team and the FIRST program, that he asked us to connect Lear with FIRST FRC teams across the globe. We created our LEAP program to achieve this mission. Frog Force is the liaison between Lear and FRC teams, identifying teams near Lear facilities and then crafting letters of introduction - in 4 languages! To date, we’ve helped 31 teams connect with LEAR management to establish a sponsorship opportunity. This initiative provides teams with the contact information for LEAR facilities that are located in their home city, allowing the team to introduce themselves, connect with the company in person, and get sponsorship in the form of money, mentors, or storage/working space.

Through the LEAP initiative, we have contacted teams from United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China. Frog Force locates FRC teams in cities where a LEAR facility is located, identifies the appropriate contact person for the FRC team, and makes an introduction between the team and the plant. This is done through an email explaining the LEAP initiative. For the teams located in Mexico and China, emails are sent in Spanish and Mandarin. We provide follow-up with the FRC teams and LEAR plants to verify that contact has been made and encourage sponsorship. Frog Force has received confirmation of LEAR sponsorships attained and this has proven a lucrative initiative for the FRC teams involved! We are excited that we have been able to connect rookie teams with their first sponsor!

This will be an un-going initiative for Frog Force. Our goal is to continue offering new teams this opportunity. On a yearly basis, we will send out reminder emails to participating FRC teams to encourage them to visit their LEAR sponsor and build a strong relationship. In addition, we are developing resources to give teams the tools they need to grow their sponsor base.

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