Team History

We are FIRST Robotics Team 503 from Novi, Michigan.  Our family of frogs includes Jr.FLL, FLL, and FTC teams as well as our FRC "force" and extends out to our mentors and alumni. This lifecycle perpetuates the growth of the program wherever our frogs call home.  We are identified by our work ethic, commitment to character and our "hoppy-go-lucky" attitude!  

In 2001, 26 students from Novi High School began FIRST FRC Team 503.  Those students were prepared to learn and take on the challenges of bringing together and maintaining a dedicated team. Throughout the years, we have pushed ourselves to exceed expectations - to “leap ahead”. Beginning with the Rookie All-Star award in our first year, we continue to be recognized for our accomplishments. Team 503 sees the big picture, and understands that what we are doing today will transform tomorrow’s culture.

What began as an idea in the minds of those team members has grown and spread to many cities, states, and countries. Today, it consists of over 125 students as well as mentors and parents who work together to continue inspiring others and expand FIRST.  Our legs stretch across the country and span the continents.

Frog Force learns from past seasons and continues the success it had in previous years. We promote and practice gracious professionalism during competitions and throughout the season. We spread the message of FIRST through demonstrations and outreach programs designed to connect more people with the program.  We continue to inspire and change attitudes towards careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

Diversity is also a strong point of our team as 12 nationalities are represented among us.  Females make up 30% of our team and many of our leadership positions.  We prepare our team members to become strong student leaders by creating a support structure grounded in best practices as demonstrated by adult and peer mentors then providing opportunities for team members to practice and hone these skills through group leadership and mentorship of FLL and FTC teams.

Our population of frogs grows and evolves.  Our alumni stay connected to FIRST and Frog Force in a variety of ways - volunteering at events, serving as mentors and starting new teams wherever they call home.  We are dedicated to the development of younger frogs by mentoring JrFLL, FLL and FTC teams and teaching community robotics classes.

Our team story wouldn't be complete without a tribute to our main sponsor, Magna Seating.   More than providing funding for our team - over the years, Magna Seating has supplied us with work space, access to tools, mentorship and internship opportunities.  They are a vested partner in our program.